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Mifflin Square Park

Mifflin Square Park is a historic park in Southeast Philadelphia, originally built in the 1890s. Located in one of Philadelphia’s most diverse neighborhoods, the park is a center of neighborhood life and one of the few large open greenspaces in South Philly.

Despite the many years since the park’s initial creation, much of it remains similar to how it was laid out in the 1890s. The park is heavily used, but this use has led to many of the features of the park being worn down and in need of replacement and renovation. 

Beginning in November 2016, Southeast Philadelphia residents and organizations came together to imagine the future of Mifflin Square Park. Since then, hundreds of residents have shared experiences, memories, ideas, and opinions to create the ‘Making Room for Everyone’ concept design that was released in 2018 and will guide the reconstruction of the park in future phases. This design can be seen here: https://mifflinsquareplan.org.

Mifflin Square Park

In 2020, the Philadelphia Water Department will be reconstructing the four corner entrances of the park as part of a large green infrastructure project. This project, part of the City’s larger Green City, Clean Waters program, will help to recreate living landscapes in the City and reduce stormwater pollution entering our waterways. This project provides an amazing opportunity to begin implementing the shared community vision for Mifflin Square Park. 

As part of this renovation of the four corners of the park, a new plaza will be created at 6th Street and West Ritner Street. Neighborhood residents have expressed a desire for the plaza to include decorative pavers to define a real entryway to the park. To fund this improvement, along with decorative paving at each of the three other corners of Mifflin Square, we are fundraising with the amazing perks listed here, including the opportunity to have your name or organization’s name engraved in the entryway to the park! Donors who contribute at least $200 can have their name, their organization’s name, or another’s name preserved as a lasting legacy to your help in implementing the community’s shared vision for the park. 

Any funds raised beyond the cost of funding the installations of new pavers into the park will go towards further park improvements and programming. 

The perks available as a thank you for contributing to the future of Mifflin Square Park are listed to the right. These improvements would be installed in concert with the Philadelphia Water Department’s corner improvements in Fall 2020.

You can learn more about Mifflin Square Park here and donate here.

Squilla criticized for cutting green agenda

Philadelphia Inquirer’s Inga Saffron criticizes Councilman Mark Squilla’s recent legislative choices as regressive. According to PlanPhilly, Saffron focuses on the measure that “exempts Society Hill from having to comply with a zoning incentive designed to encourage the construction of rain-absorbing green roofs” and references an earlier bill that suspends a program allowing electric vehicle owners to create EV-only parking spots in front of the curbside electrical outlets.

Many philly.com readers agreed with Saffron and criticized the councilman.

Squilla, who allegedly ‘represents’ me, doesn’t represent me or my values. And further, I don’t think most City Council people do. They should be out of development, city planning, and urban design issues, allowing the City Planning Design Office handle these through a robust city-wide effort. The best cities do; as we did many years ago. Unfortunately, the piggish, self-serving representation, turning the neighborhood districts into their own fiefs, is appalling. They haven’t a clue about sustainability, design, urban design, Smart Cities, the progressive initiatives of the Water Department saving the city from potentially billions of dollars of infrastructural replacements, or any other aspect of making cities safe, clean and wonderful places to live.

Personally, I would wish that Mr. Squilla resign. And the rest of Council. The government of this city is not for the people but for themselves, time and again. Short sighted, parochial, profit hungry, and likely still paid on the side.

Rebuild Philadelphia Parks & Infrastructure – and Free Trees

Mayor Kenney recently announced his proposal for a potential bond issue which would provide updates to our Philadelphia’s park, recreation, and library infrastructure. The Philadelphia Parks Alliance is gathering petitions for their campaign to support the improvement the parks and recreation facilities. Local communities, groups, and individuals can support the efforts by getting or signing a Rebuilding Community Infrastructure petition.

Free Yard Trees
Free Yard Trees (via Tree Philly Facebook)

On the topic of green Philly, Tree Philly’s Spring 2016 Free Tree giveaway is now open. Each resident can sign up to reserve 2 free trees. This year, pick up sites will take place at four different TD Bank locations in April. Act quickly if you are interested in reserving a tree or two. Trees run out fast, especially in the easily accessible South Philly location.

Registrants will be able to pick up their yard trees at one of the following location:

  • 2201 S. Broad St., 19148
  • 2267 E Butler St., 19137
  • 6635 Frankford Ave., 19135
  • 3930 Woodhaven Rd., 19154